FARM Training Center Competition Series

The FARM Training Center, in Fairfield, Utah offers a curated range of shooting competitions that cater to beginners, seasoned competitors and families seeking practical/tactical fun and learning experiences. These competitions provide an ideal platform for novice participants to explore the world of shooting sports in a welcoming environment. From dynamic target scenarios to more immersive tactical challenges, the FARM’s shooting competitions blend skill-building with an enjoyable atmosphere, ensuring that newcomers can confidently participate without feeling intimidated. Families are welcomed with open arms, as these events foster a sense of camaraderie while emphasizing safety and teamwork. With Utah’s stunning landscapes as a backdrop, these practical and tactical shooting competitions promise an unforgettable experience for all. Our events are an excellent choice for those venturing into the realm of competitive shooting for the first time or those looking for a change of pace as our competitions focus more on practical practice (with some friendly score keeping) rather than hard core competition.

This list is sure to evolve over time, but these are the categories we are currently offering: