FARM 6V9F+F6 Fairfield, Utah

Low light opposed is Centrifuge Training’s three day program that was created to combine their low light applications courses with reality based training with non-lethal training ammunition. Low light opposed […]

AT – Introduction to Handgun – July 31st 2021

Course Details Length: 4 hour Course (2 hours in class and 2 hour on the range). Location: The Farm Training Center   Course Start Time: 9:00 AM Description: This class is a 4 hour […]

NTaC – Defensive Rifle 1

FARM 6V9F+F6 Fairfield, Utah

Our one day Defensive Rifle Clinic is designed for anyone from the first time shooter to the weekend shooter or seasoned operator that wants some core fundamental skills building with […]


NTaC – 2 Day Vehicle Tactics

FARM 6V9F+F6 Fairfield, Utah

Vehicle Tactics (2 days 14-16 hours) As Police Officer, Military, PMC, EPD and CCW holder we spend so much time in vehicles.  Do we truly understand how to fight from, […]


AT – Handgun Fundamentals – August 7th 2021

FARM 6V9F+F6 Fairfield, Utah

Course Details Length: 5 hour Course on the range Course Start Time: 9:00 AM Description: This course is for those who are just getting into training or for those who haven't taken a […]

UDPL 2021 USL SuperShoot

Supershoot registration opens 1July 8am!!! The UDPL club annual Supershoot is an all steel match with roughly 300 rounds required. This year we will again be aligning with the United […]

PPS – Pistol LVL 1 & 2 with BAER Solutions

FARM 6V9F+F6 Fairfield, Utah

Level 1 & 2 can be attended / completed individually. Pistol LVL 1 ( -> register on the BAER Solutions website <- ) This is a level 1 pistol course […]