UDPL – Multigun

FARM 6V9F+F6 Fairfield, Utah

Multigun is an exciting new type of shooting sport that uses a rifle, shotgun and pistol on various courses of fire. UDPL hosts four Multigun matches a year and one state level match. Due to the higher level of complexity involved in Multigun matches we require that you shoot one of our UDPL/IDPA Handgun matches […]

Titan Ballistics EMG National Championship

FARM 6V9F+F6 Fairfield, Utah

Expedition Multigun is a new multigun match where only 2 guns are required on each stage. you can choose to shoot 3 or even 4 but either way It should be fast and furious. 12   stages The stages are looking great fast an furious just as EMG should be. We will have 12 stages for […]


NTaC – 2 Day Vehicle Tactics

FARM 6V9F+F6 Fairfield, Utah

Vehicle Tactics (2 days 14-16 hours) As Police Officer, Military, PMC, EPD and CCW holder we spend so much time in vehicles.  Do we truly understand how to fight from, in or around our vehicles?  In this two day vehicle tactics course, we will give you practical applications on how to use a vehicle to […]