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UDPL – Multigun

March 13, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Multigun is an exciting new type of shooting sport that uses a rifle, shotgun and pistol on various courses of fire. UDPL hosts four Multigun matches a year and one state level match.

Due to the higher level of complexity involved in Multigun matches we require that you shoot one of our UDPL/IDPA Handgun matches with us before trying your first Multigun match.

Generally there are around 5-6 stages at a match.

Multigun letter from the Match Director

To help you be more familiar with the United Multi-Gun League (UML) which is part of the United Shooting Sports League (USSL), I have some links to the websites and the rules.

The USSL is a new program bringing some unity into the shooting sports. There are ranking and qualification programs if you become a member of USSL. You don’t have to be a member of USSL to participate in our matches. If you choose to join at ussleagues.com your qualification levels will be determined by match finish. This is a huge shift from other organizations that use standard classifiers that are usually very simplistic and takes one or more of our stages we could better enjoy as a complete stage.

If you only compete at a club level, you will gain a club level qualification. If you go to larger matches you can earn qualifications for each of the 4 levels. There is also a ranking system that reflects what you put into the sport as a participant, a RO, a builder, MD, RM etc. Please look to the website for better explanations. The UML as we are applying it (EMG scoring) is a fast-paced exciting multi-gun experience.

In addition to the standard divisions we have always had, we have some new enticing divisions. In the standard divisions you will use the guns the stage calls for in the order it states, same as it has always been. For those that don’t care for the shotgun we have 2-gun division. As with all divisions we will use two guns on all stages. The 2 gunners will always use rifle/pistol, you will figure out how to solve the stage. Two big rules apply to this, you must engage at least 3 targets with each gun and never shoot steel inside 45 yards with a rifle. You will most likely have a completely different plan than standard divisions. Think of your pistol as your shotgun. Example would be if it calls for slugs your pistol bullets are your slugs, birdshot steel is pistol. YOU NEVER shoot aerial targets with pistol. If we put aerials in the match we will have an alternate steel for pistol bullets clearly defined on the stage brief.

The next new exciting division is 2X4 division there is a tac and an open version. This completely new division is very popular. You bring all 4 guns a rifle, pistol, shotgun, and PCC to all stages and choose which 2 you want to use to solve the stage. The same two big rules apply 3 targets minimum engaged, and no steel under 45 yards with a rifle. This too might have a different plan than the standard division.

The last new division is PCC division. The plan is simple for this one, shoot everything with your PCC as it is the only gun you will use.

In all divisions regarding firearm transitions flat surfaces (pickup tables) can never be used as a dump. All abandoned firearms will be put in a provided dump in a downward manner (dump barrel or MGM slant box) pick up tables and dump barrels cannot be used as a shooting support. In some cases, a MGM slant box could be used as a support if appropriate. Another difference from other programs is changing firearms throughout the match. You can switch and swap firearms as you see fit. We do require any firearm you choose to use is compliant with the division you are in. That said the caliber for any gun cannot change. An example if you are in Tac division and started with 223 and come to a speed stage you cannot switch to PCC. You could shoot a PCC as your “rifle” in any division but the caliber would have to remain the same throughout the match.

A short explanation of how scores are calculated. The thing to remember is it is not total time scoring like in the old format, we use points scoring. The time spent shooting each stage is converted to points, the points for each stage are then added up and the person with the most points wins. Each stage is assigned a point value, that value is equal to the fastest time on the stage. This is called best time equals points.

Here is an example, the fastest person on stage 1 shot it in 23 seconds it would be assigned 23 points, stage 3 best time was 67 seconds it would be worth 67 points. This way a stage that is long and difficult has a higher points awarded than a short fast stage. Each competitor is awarded points based on their score in relation to the best score on the stage. Example: best time on the stage is 50 seconds that person receives 100% of the 50 points, someone else shoots it in 65 seconds which is 77% of the best time so we calculate his points like this, 50 points X .77=38.5 points awarded to that competitor. Add the points (not the time) for all stages for the final results.

The top question asked is how can someone have a higher accumulated time and finish ahead of someone with a lower accumulated time? The answer is the points the competitor earned on each stage. Here is an example, competitor one shoots really well on several stages and acquires close to top points available on the five stages, so say on the last stage he had lots of troubles and gets low points. Now we add all the stages points together he might still finish higher. To make the math easy we will use six 50 second stages which would have 50 points each available to earn, for a total of 300 points available.

Competitor one on Stage 1 shoots it in 53 seconds that is 94% of the best time so he earned 47 points. Say he did the same for the next 4 stages, then on the last stage he has a gun malfunction and shoots it at 130 seconds for that stage. That is 38% and earns 19 points. So if you add up his total time shot it is 395 seconds (remember time is only used on each stage to calculate the points he earned, total time does not apply) his points are 50+50+50+50+50+19= 269 match points.

Competitor two Stage 1 shoots it in 60 seconds which is 83% of the stage best so he earns 41.5 points. To make math easy let’s say he does the same for all 6 stages. His total time adds up to 360 seconds (remember total time does not apply) 41.5+41.5+41.5+41.5+41.5+ 41.5= 249 points Competitor one 269 points (395 seconds) Competitor two 249 points (360 seconds) so competitor one would place ahead of competitor two.

For more information on the different leagues, visit the website that hosts UML

Carey Palmer
UDPL multi-gun MD
UML district 2 brand ambassador

UDPL Multigun Divisions and Rules

Current as of March 1st 2020

Full details of the divisions and rules can be seen at the link. Note that these have changed in 2018 with the switch to United Multigun League.


This class is where anything goes as long as it’s safe. If you want to swap accessories, use pistols with red dots or magazine fed shotguns then this is the class for you.


Pistols are limited to iron sights, no porting or compensators and magazine length restrictions (141.25mm). Rifles are allowed to have one magnified optic. Shotguns are limited to tube fed with 9 rounds in the gun and no speedloaders.


Pistols are limited to iron sights, no porting or compensators and magazine length restrictions (141.25mm). Rifles are iron sights or a non magnified red dot. Shotguns are limited to tube fed with 9 rounds in the gun and no speedloaders.

Heavy (varies, read the rules)

Varies but basically minimum of .308 Winchester for your rifle. 45acp for pistol and pump action shotguns only.

Additional divisions

  • PCR Only – Pistol Caliber Rifle must be used for the entire match
  • 2×4 Optic/Open – Minimum 2 out of 4 guns (pistol, rifle, PCC, shotgun) must be used on every stage. Open or Tactical Optics rules apply for guns
  • 2 Gun Optic/Open – Must shoot pistol and rifle on every stage, no shotgun allowed

See the Full details of these divisions

UDPL Additional Rules

  • No steel bullets allowed! If a magnet sticks to the bullet you cannot shoot it on our range.
  • No steel shot allowed! Lead only!


March 13, 2021
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
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Utah Defensive Pistol League
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