20 – Milsim City

400,000 square foot outdoor city for force on force or airsoft training.

If you are interested in participating in an organized Milsim City event, or booking your own private airsoft event with rental equipment etc, reach out to Milsim City HERE.

Range Details
Bay Number 20
Bay Width 0 Yards / 0 Meters
Bay Length 0 Yards / 0 Meters
20 – Milsim City
20 – Milsim City


Absolutely NO LIVE FIRE.

  • Weapons protocol:
    • NLTA / force on force / airsoft or dry fire only
    • No live weapons or ammunition are allowed inside the city – NO EXCEPTIONS
    • 5.56/9mm/.38/ UTM MMR (man marker rounds), blanks,  other approved NLTA or airsoft will be allowed in the city
    • FARM Training Center can supply training groups with UTM handguns, rifle conversions and the ability to purchase UTM ammunition
  • General safety protocol:
    • Indiscriminate firing, unsafe or frivolous behavior will not be tolerated
    • Upon entry into the city, all firearms, ammunition, and other weapons (knives, OC, Tasers, etc) are to be secured in vehicles- EXCEPTION: if the group is conducting Taser training
    • The training supervisor shall perform a safety check and pat down – it is important that these steps are adhered to, it could be someone’s life
    • All participants must wear designated safety equipment and the equipment must remain in place until the instructor ends the exercise
    • Eye protection must be worn in the training area at all times, no exceptions (including observers)
    • All skin must be covered during force on force training – this includes head, neck and hands