20 – Milsim City

400,000 square foot outdoor city for force on force or airsoft training.

Range Details
Bay Number 20
Bay Width 0 Yards / 0 Meters
Bay Length 0 Yards / 0 Meters
20 – Milsim City
20 – Milsim City


Absolutely NO LIVE FIRE.

  • Weapons protocol:
    • NLTA / force on force / airsoft or dry fire only
    • No live weapons or ammunition are allowed inside the city – NO EXCEPTIONS
    • 5.56/9mm/.38/ UTM MMR (man marker rounds), blanks,  other approved NLTA or airsoft will be allowed in the city
    • FARM Training Center can supply training groups with UTM handguns, rifle conversions and the ability to purchase UTM ammunition
  • General safety protocol:
    • Indiscriminate firing, unsafe or frivolous behavior will not be tolerated
    • Upon entry into the city, all firearms, ammunition, and other weapons (knives, OC, Tasers, etc) are to be secured in vehicles- EXCEPTION: if the group is conducting Taser training
    • The training supervisor shall perform a safety check and pat down – it is important that these steps are adhered to, it could be someone’s life
    • All participants must wear designated safety equipment and the equipment must remain in place until the instructor ends the exercise
    • Eye protection must be worn in the training area at all times, no exceptions (including observers)
    • All skin must be covered during force on force training – this includes head, neck and hands