Are there strict rules?

Safety is our main priority at the FARM Training Center. If what you are doing is safe, it is likely allowed. We allow drawing from the holster, moving and shooting, running, rapid fire, steel targets, etc. Most things that other ranges don’t allow, we allow – no, we aren’t crazy! Ranges claim to be in existence for you to practice and be proficient in the use of your firearm, yet don’t allow you to train with it in a way you would use the firearm in real life. Whether police officer, civilian or military – no one draws a gun from a bench and fires one round per second in a deadly force engagement. While we don’t have range officers there at all times, there are cameras and we will conduct periodic checks on members to ensure they are acting in a mature and responsible manner with their training. If we see or hear of something that if of concern, we will discuss it with you. If you are unsafe, acting with negligence, or purposefully breaking rules or endangering others, your membership will be revoked, with no refund. It’s that simple. With great trust, comes great responsibility and accountability. Train in a mature and safe way and you will be more than welcome at our facility.

With THAT all out of the way, there are a handful of rules we need to make sure you understand and we are all on the same page:

  • ANYONE entering the property (for any reason, even if not shooting) must complete the guest waiver before entering. Anyone found on the property that has not completed a waiver will be considered a trespasser.
  • All shooters are responsible for any rounds that go into and leave their weapon. Please keep that in mind as you decide where and how to shoot.
  • Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Members will be strictly responsible for the safe behavior and adherence to these safety rules by their guests. The holder of the membership MUST be present.
  • Damage to any part of the facility is the financial responsibility of the paid user who causes the damage. Damage caused by the guest of a member is the responsibility of the member.
  • NO TRIGGER TRASH can be left on the property, anywhere except the provided dumpster.
  • NO PALLETS for any reason on the range. They ended up being a pile of trash that leaves behind several dozen nails.
  • Do not climb up or on top of berms.
  • Eye and ear protection is MANDATORY at all times.
  • Tracer, and incendiary rounds are strictly prohibited.
  • Steel core, bi-metal or steel jacketed ammunition is not allowed on any steel targets.
  • The online scheduling system is critical to smooth operations at the FARM Training Center, and is required to be used by all members.
  • FARM Training Center decisions or determinations are final. Any misuse of facility or disregard of rules will result in expulsion from the range.
  1. Always wear approved eye protection
  2. Always use approved hearing protection
  3. Always wear long pants and long sleeves
  4. Always follow safe shooting distance recommendations:
    1. 22 rimfire to 45 auto Handgun – 10+ yards
    2. Magnum handguns, SUBSONIC 300 BLACKOUT – 30+ yards
    3. Light Rifles (.223,5.56, 300 blk, 7.62×39): 30+ yards
    4. Centerfire Rifles (.308, 6.5CM): 50+ yards
    5. Magnum Centerfire Rifles (.338LP)- 100+ Yards
  5. Always ensure your target is rated for the caliber you are shooting
    1. Rifle targets are safe to shoot with handguns at a range of 10 yards. However, always inspect your target after shooting it with a centerfire rifle. Rounds traveling at over 3000 feet per second can cause slight damage to the surface of the target depending on your distance. This CAN lead to unpredictable splatter making the target unsafe to use at close handgun ranges. To prevent this from happening, always use ammunition that travels less than 3000 feet per second AND follow our minimum recommended distances above. If you are ever unsure of proper distance, add MORE distance than what we recommend. DO NOT USE PENETRATOR AMMO EVER! Use of steel core ammo (e.g. SS109, M855 Green tip) WILL result in damage to the target immediately! Hollow point and other expanding ammunition as well as lead core FMJ is acceptable.